Welcome to Achiiv!

Money is the lifeblood of enabling a worthwhile human existence – nothing much of what’s worthwhile in life is possible without it.

Yet, it’s hard and getting harder everyday to hold and use well.


  • There are more financial products and more options within each product than ever before!
  • Responsibility for managing money is shifting more and more to individuals, but none of the means to manage those responsibilities well
  • Distractions galore. Where’s the time and space to focus on money?
  • There are still plenty of systemic and structural barriers that keep us doing things that harm our financial interests
  • The human brain hasn’t evolved to deal with adjustable-rate mortgages or 401(k) plans
  • There’s no way John or Jane Doe as an individual can expect or even hope to keep up with the sophistication that allows companies to unleash ever more sophisticated and sometimes dangerous products

Existing Solutions Aren’t Cutting It!

  • Industry doesn’t seem overly interested in helping its consumers do better
  • Regulation is questionable in its helpfulness – “lump and dump” disclosures only seem to add the consumer’s burden, not vice versa
  • Technology hasn’t offered up good solutions for managing money, except in small pockets

As a result:

  • You as consumers are forced to rely on self-proclaimed gurus or “coaches”, of variable quality and repute
  • Industry continues to get its reputation tarnished
  • Costs rise for everyone
    • Providers to shout louder
    • Consumers to bear the costs of bad actors

There’s A Better Way!

We looked at all this and said there’s got to be a better way!

What if we could come up with a way to:

  • Reduce the time, energy and effort it takes to own financial products
  • Keep it affordable for all by using well-established business models funded by the industry itself
  • Dramatically up the transparency of the business so the facts are abundantly clear

Welcome to Achiiv!

This is exactly the inspiration behind Achiiv.

Achiiv is straight financial smarts, blended with empathy and humanity, sprinkled liberally with irreverence and attitude.

Here’s what Achiiv aspires to be:

  • A place to go to get the straight scoop on money
  • No-nonsense
  • Based on quality
  • Designed with the human brain in mind
  • Efficient – won’t waste your time
  • Effective – gets the job done with minimum fuss and waste

Achiiv is For You If:

  • You feel stung by the current system
  • You’re constantly struggling to be seen and heard in your own right because you don’t happen to fit the mold of the “preferred customer”
  • You feel hamstrung by your own ignorance of financial matters but are too skeptical to trust self-proclaimed gurus or sham finance
  • You’re hungry to lift yourself up by your own bootstraps
  • You don’t need coddling, just the facts

Why Achiiv

We are two veterans of the financial services industry with over four decades of experience between us, right in the trenches.

One of us spent a decade managing the harrowing consequences of the subprime mortgage crisis, devising strategies to help homeowners stay in their homes.

The other has spent a career helping put people on a solid financial footing, one family at a time.

We are both completely convinced that there has to be a better way, that you deserve it, and that it is possible.

How Achiiv is Different:

We are not your boring old financial content site:

  • No walls and walls of text to drive you crazy
  • Real humans talking to other real humans
  • Committed to our values of integrity, independence and promoting financial equity

Our mission is simple:

To transform money into a force for good in the life of every human being

And so is our promise to you:

Clean financial fare to fuel strivers and dreamers

Are you up for the ride?