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*even without an MBA, venture capital or other advantages


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Is The Financial Stuff Holding You Back?

You became an entrepreneur because you wanted to achieve something.

To make a difference.  

It’s not easy:

Lots of sweat. Uncertainty. Setbacks and doubts.

These things don’t faze you – you take them in stride.

Because you have a vision that drives you.

But there’s one thing that stops you dead in your tracks:

Money. Numbers. Jargon. Finances.

  • It’s complicated. Incomprehensible even.
  • It’s miles of red tape.
  • It’s a distraction from what you love to do.

So you procrastinate. Or half-heartedly tackle the bare minimum that needs to get done.

Taxes, bills, paperwork.

You never address the issue head on.

But deep inside, you know that avoiding it means your business is not reaching its full potential. It means missed opportunities and lost growth.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

Finance in entrepreneurship is all about creativity.

It’s about thinking strategically to build flexibility through options.

And keeping the big picture front and center.

And THEN sweating the details.

But there’s no place you can go today to get all this stuff.

That’s why we launched Invisible Ink.

The best podcast for BIPOC and Latina women entrepreneurs.

It’s like getting an MBA without even realizing it.

What Makes Invisible Ink Unique?

Inspiring Role Models

Inspiration from other entrepreneurs like you.

Instant Intelligence

Money and business topics demystified by friendly and accessible experts.

Substantive Content

Dive deep into the nitty gritty of business. Funding, pricing, strategy and more.

What Could You Achieve If Entrepreneurship Became Accessible? 

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