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What is The Cheat Sheet?

The Cheat Sheet is Achiiv’s FREE weekly newsletter that brings the best of business finance effortlessly to your inbox.

What’s inside each Cheat Sheet:

  • Entrepreneur Interviews – Get a ringside seat with pioneers across industries, size and life stage of business. Zoom in on the financial part of their businesses, their strategies and what advice they’d give to other entrepreneurs 
  • Instant Intelligence – Take deep dives into financing topics from first sketch on the napkin all the way to final sale and beyond
  • Insights and Tools – Pick up practical tips, expert insights and tools to help you knock off financial tasks and goals across the business spectrum

Who is the Cheat Sheet For?

Entrepreneurs & business owners

Just starting up or running your business for a while?

We cover topics relevant for you either way.

women, women-identifying 

Women, women-identifying and nonbinary individuals face unique challenges.

We’re building this for you.

starting, running or selling a business

Tasks range from getting funding, managing cash to selling the business.

You’re covered.

challenged by financial issues

You’re an expert in your domain. But finances are like a foreign language.

We’ll ease the way.

What Topics Do We Cover?

Capital & Funding

  • What sources of funding can you tap?
  • When should you seek funding?  How much?
  • How can you make yourself and your business more backable?

Get hard-to-find insights on these big questions.

Cash Flow & Profits

  • How do you keep your business afloat?
  • How can you manage cash and increase staying power?
  • How do you navigate your business by instrument?

Be a better steward of your ship, whether it’s a tiny boat or a massive ocean liner.

Created Value

  • Do you need to worry about business value even if you don’t plan to sell?
  • How can you negotiate the best deal for your business?
  • How can you position your business for greater impact even if you don’t want to sell?

Play the long game. Avoid the pitfalls that trip up most entrepreneurs by thinking ahead.

How Do We Build It?



We dig deep to understand  your financial flash-points.



We tap the best sources and experts to find answers.



We boil the answer down to its bare essence so it’s digestible.



We package it up weekly so you can review at your leisure.